05 December 2010

Official Start of the Holidays

FOR EACH OF the past three years we have wanted to make the relatively short trip up to Lucéram -- a 15th century village in the mountains about 25 km north of Nice -- because the village holds one of the largest crèches displays in all of France. Each year the village transforms into a medieval maze of mangers, miniature houses, and Christmas decorations. We finally made it on Saturday afternoon and it was certainly worth it: a beautiful old village decked-out in all the holiday cheer you could imagine. That, a long with the snow in the mountains just behind the village, sort of made it feel like the 'official' start to our holiday season.

The first of more than 400 creches in the village

Some, like this one, were incredible small. This box is about 10 inches high.

You wouldn't know unless I told you, but this is a photo of a miniature boulangerie -- part of a miniature village set up in the village church. Those baguettes are each about 1 inch high. Incredible!
Kids just loved the snow in the background.

I only took this photo because it has Christmas lights, a palm tree, a medieval church, a castle, blue sky, and snow topped mountains all in the same picture.

The view toward Nice and the sea.

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chcmichel said...

Thanks for sharing with all of us. I hear there are several exhibitions of Santons when we are there late December. I hope to add to my collection.