14 August 2010

A Very Quick Word About Food

VERY, VERY QUICK. Fresh pasta plus fresh sauce is tough to beat.

We've been enjoying great food so far this summer and last night may have been the best so far. Kerri's parents are here visiting and we went 5 km up the road to the hilltop village of Panicale for dinner. Incredible! Fresh vegetable risotto, pasta with tomato and garlic sauce, bruschetta (the kind with enough garlic to last a week), pici a Cacio e Pepe*, a white pizza with eggplant and peppers, and the list goes on.

*What the recipe for this? Here it is: 1) loads of your favorite pasta 2) loads of pecorino cheese 3) loads and loads of black pepper 4) a little olive oil. Done. I had it for the first time a couple nights ago in a town called Orvieto and it was incredible. Pasta with pecorino and pepper -- try it!

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chcmichel said...

I have seen pictures of the dish and recipes for Cacio e Pepe pasta quite a few times and wondered if it would be all that good when you made it. I will definitely try to make it myself very soon. Sounds like you are having a great summer.