16 August 2010

Adriatic for the Day

IT'S BEEN NEARLY 20 years since I took a dip in the Adriatic Sea. Back in the summer of 1991 I took a little dip near the seaside port of Brindisi, Italy while waiting for a ferry to Greece with Kerri, her brother, and another friend. Yesterday we spent the day at the beach near Pasaro and enjoyed beautiful weather, perfect water temperature, and lots of topless bathers delicious ice cream sandwiches. On the way home we drove along the coast to Ancona where we had a simple, but delicious dinner at a restaurant called Cafe Diana (sing that to the tune of 'Dirty Diana' and you've got about three minutes of pure fun). It took about 2.5 hours to drive to the coast from where we are staying in central Italy, but the drive had some spectacular views and we had two DVD screens in the back to entertain the little ones (and by 'little ones' I mean Kerri and her mother).

Fighting? Playing?

Long jumping in the sand: 5 yr-olds love this.

...oh, and 11 yr-olds (apparently)

Kerri and kids (I don't often find her actually in the water).

P, H, J

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