03 April 2010

Spring Break

IT'S ONE OF the greatest things about the French school calendar: two week vacations sporadically sprinkled throughout the year. Spring break started yesterday and if the weather cooperates (and it looks like it will)we'll have a nice relaxing time here at home. It's been a long time since we spend an entire break at home and we're kind of looking forward to this one. I, for one, am going to get back on the bike and put in a bunch of kilometers.

We've also told the kids that each week they will get one day where they plan the activities -- the entire day. They can pick the food we eat, where we go, what movie we watch (if we do that), etc. Tomorrow we will 'plan' the first week. Could be a lot of trips for gelato in our immediate future.


Corine said...

Hope you are enjoying your spring break. Two weeks at home sound like a fantasy in my world. I like the idea of letting the kids choose their time spent. I should do that with mine. We allow them to choose an activity but never the entire day....that might be fun!

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Keep enjoying the holidays..