12 April 2010

The Kids Picks the Activities

THAT WAS OUR plan for how to spend a few days of our Spring Break. Each of the three kids made their choice and planned an entire day's worth of activities. It went a little something like this:

Day 1 (Patrick): Patrick wanted to wash the cars to start his day (which I thought was a great idea). After a bit of playtime outside we prepared a picnic lunch to take to the beach. Spend the afternoon at the beach in Cannes playing soccer, football, paddle-ball then returned home for dinner: steak-hache, salad, frites. The evening entertainment: Shrek (the original)!

Day 2 (Julia): with bad weather in store, Julia chose to go to Fun City (thanks to a suggestion from a friend of ours). Fun City is kind of like Pump-it-Up in the US -- a huge area with loads of moon-bounce-type apparatus-equipment. On the way home we stopped off at some stores for a little shopping (daddy even got a pair of shoes) Then home for dinner (baked ziti, salad, cassis to drink), and a movie (can't even remember what it was called!)

Day 3 (Henry): Henry's day was today and he only had one thing in mind: riding his bike! So we went to the little village of Chateauneuf just up the road where they have a huge sports area and intended to stay for a while. But when the rains came about 20 minutes later we had to improvise. After a little lunch the weather cleared up and Patrick and I rode up to the old Roman Camp above our house and toured around the area. Henry and Kerri took the car part of the way and met us for...lots of bike riding. Henry was incredible -- riding up the hills and over the rocks. After a dinner of homemade pizza the kids watched 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' while enjoying chocolate-covered strawberries.

Some fun days. Kerri and I are still waiting for our 'days' -- which may still come. We have the rest of the week to fill.

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