11 February 2010

What Is Going On? Snow on the French Riviera?

I'VE BEEN PAYING a lot of attention to the 1.3 meters of snow that has fallen in our hometown of Washington, DC -- but now we've got some weird weather news of our own: 6 inches of snow fell in our village today! What is going on? It came out of nowhere: when Kerri and I woke up for our coffee I casually mentioned that it was snowing. The flakes were light and it was not unlike a few periods of snow we have had before. But it didn't stop. And by the time it finished the view from our house looked like this: (photos are various stages of the day)

Some friends who live down the street came over for coffee and hot cocoa in the afternoon and they told us than in the nearly 7 years they have lived here this has never happened. Crazy.

Note: I'll save my 'driving in this' story for another time. I tried to get into the office today to do a bit of work, but didn't come close. And also didn't get the car back to the house -- had to park it at the bottom of the hill and hoof it.


talesfromagarden said...

Be careful what you wish for! You did wish for snow now did you not and the heavens obliged! I find it hard to imagine snow in Nice but everywhere seems to be getting unseasonal weather this year!

HeatherG said...

Well that seems like a sympathetic ocurrence if I'd ever seen one. You were wanting some snow...so you got it and now you're just like us in the DC area...with stranded vehicle to match!! Say I'm sure the kids will enjoy. Can't wait to read...did y'all do anything fun? Hi to Keri for me.

angus said...

That looks very strange eh!

meredith said...

That snow blocked my sister in London. I was supposed to pick her up In Nice that afternoon. She made it to Marseilles the next day.