17 February 2010


ON THE DRIVE home from Geneva today we were listening to The All American Rejects on the iPod. When 'Night Drive' came on Henry perked up because he knows and associates the song with the movie 'Cars'. I turned it up and told everyone in the car to play an instrument. Patrick started pretending to rock-out on the guitar, Henry was jamming on the drums, and I was faking the bass real good. Then I look in the rear-view window to see what Julia was pretending to play.

She was pretending to play...the harp.

This is the same girl who asked me to download White Lion onto our iPod. White Lion! I'm finding her a bit difficult to read sometimes.

1 comment :

angus said...

A female hard to read?? Get used to it my friend! At least you have Patrick and Henry.

I am in constant trouble with my three lovely ladies because I can't "read" them properly!! Of course it has nothing to do with me right?!