06 February 2010

Easy Jet Review (Part 1)

LET ME JUST take a moment to complain/not complain about Easy Jet. Many of you know that I travel to Geneva once each week to attend graduate school classes. And many of you know that the mode of transportation I use is: the airplane (so much quicker than anything else). So I fly from Nice to Geneva every week for one day and I almost always use Easy Jet -- the low-cost carrier that is similar to Southwest Airlines in the US. Before I get to the complaints, let me just say -- gratefully -- that on average I am paying about 50-60 Euros for each round-trip ticket: a bargain by any measure. And every flight that I have been on (14 legs so far) has been great. However, that low price tag seems to come with one major string attached: DELAYS. Let me give you an example. Here are the last 6 flights I took from Nice to Geneva -- a flight that is supposed to depart at 9:25 pm.
  • Flight 1: cancelled -- had to leave the next morning (was late for class)
  • Flight 2: cancelled -- had to leave the next morning (was late for class)
  • Flight 3: delayed 1.5 hours (arrived at hotel at 12:20am)
  • Flight 4: delayed 1.75 hours (arrived at hotel at 12:30am)
  • Flight 5: delayed 2 hours (arrived at hotel at 1:15am)
  • Flight 6: delayed 1 hour (arrived at hotel at 11:50pm -- not bad!)
The return leg from Geneva is usually better (except for that one weekend in January) so the average delay is probably somewhere near 1 hour. Again, for 50 Euros I guess I shouldn't complain too much -- but it's already getting old and I've got about 20 more trips. I'm told things will get better when Spring arrives.


Penny said...

I love Easyjet! Touch wood, we haven't had any delays to date and the self check in at Geneva is great!

French for a While said...

To be fair, most of my flight FROM Geneva are better than the flights TO Geneva. Not sure why?!?

Penny said...

Its got to be the swiss factor ;-)