03 January 2010

What Started as a One Month Pass...

I FREELY ADMIT that I am a typical guy in the sense that I love my sports. Baseball, cycling, football, hockey, it doesn't matter. But I reached a new high (some may say low) last spring when I subscribed to a one month pass to ESPN360.com so that I could watch my beloved Washington Capitals during the NHL hockey playoffs. Sure, the games started at 1:00am French time, but my brother was visiting at the time and we happily set our alarms and woke up to watch the games. My dad, who was also here, even joined us for a couple of games.

But when the month was over I figured my hockey-watching days were over until next May. But something happened a few days ago that caught my attention. While reviewing my bank account I noticed an charge of 15.20 Euros that was charged to a biller named...ESPN360. A few clicks later and I realized that the charge had come every month since October.

Hmmm. Why was this charge still coming? I onlysigned-up for a one month pass.

Wait...was it possible that I was signed-up for some other package and I didn't know? Was there some automatic 'update' that I had to cancel or it would kick-in automatically. I decided to check. I went to the site, logged-in under my user name from last spring and discovered....that I have the full NHL season package. Do you realize what this means: I can watch every game of the season live or, if I want, watch every game that has been played this year in the archive section. Every game. In fact, at this moment I have the Buffalo/Montreal game on in another window and am listening to the audio. Buffalo v. Montreal!! I don't even like either of those teams -- but I'm going to watch the entire game!

And you know what else? I'm not going to cancel this new package I have. I'm not going to watch many games live because of the time change, but I'm going to watch a few here and there, especially when the Capitals are playing.


Jeremy scriven said...

We need to make a trade for
Chris Clark. 0-3 since the trade....all if them ugly

angus said...

Will they have the Canada vs USA junior game on tomorrow night?

Did you see the first game on New Years eve?

French for a While said...

No Angus, but believe it or not it is on Eurosport. I'll be sleeping, however. The WJC games are generally on and I've seen a few