03 January 2010

France's Favorite Celebrity

A RECENT POLL has revealed that former tennis pro and current pop star Yannick Noah is the nation's favorite celebrity.

I'm not sure if that tells me more about Noah's popularity or France's lack of real celebrities.

(Oh simmer down, I love Noah -- but most popular celebrity? Especially when you could have chosen Carla Bruni or Thierry Henry's left hand?)


Leesa said...

I recently hear him sing for the first time and thought he was really good... I like him MUCH better than Johnny, though... Not a Johnny fan! Sorry!

Monique said...

I'd go for Zinedine... or the chick on French Wheel of Fourtune or even... Marion Cotillard????

Anonymous said...

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bhshrode said...

What about the cheese girl!! She's my favorite.

Manue said...

wow! i think you're pretty harsh jonathan. True, Yannick Noah is not a superstar. but I guess that's exactly the reason why French ppl chose him. We've known him for so many years now. He was a great tennis player and now he's singing. okay they are mass appeal songs but he's singing about the sun's shining and hey! who doesn't like that?

I think he is also very open to people. (Accessible?)

So that choice doesn't surprise me at all.

Maybe I would have chosen the anchorman Patrick Poivre D'Arvor. I miss him since he left TF1.