02 December 2009

Sapin de Noël

APPARENTLY, THAT'S HOW you say Christmas Tree in French. Well, we got ours this evening and it's up and ready to go thanks to the decorating skills of Kerri and the kids (two of whom are still sporting a slight fever). After a quick trip to the only dollar store (OK, Euro Store) we know of in the area for some decorations, we managed to pick out a tree at a local garden shop in Opio. Not quite the selection we have in the States, but not bad. We got it home by strapping it to the roof with some bungee cords. The evolution went something like this:

Getting some help carrying the tree in from the car.

Tree in one hand; decorations in the other.

Ah geez, I knocked Henry over as we came through the door.

Adding some decorations to the tree.


Almost done for tonight. Time to turn off the lights and admire.

Bringing home the tree. It really is one of the very good days of the year.


kirsten said...

oh, and those, THOSE days are the ones you want to somehow remember always. Overshadowed by the Big Day O' Gifts, to be sure, but the small joy-filled moments are the real treasures.

Marlo said...

So I am wondering if your tree was nailed to a 2 wooden boards like a Charlie Brown tree. Mine was in Paris and I just wondered if it was everywhere in France. You gotta love the tree net. Enjoy.

french for a while said...

Our tree has been 'drilled' into a stump. There is no need for a tree stand -- and no way to water it.

Launa said...

You inspired our little ex-pat family, who followed in your footsteps this afternoon.

Thanks! Great photos.