29 November 2009

Sick Sick Sick

SEEMS LIKE AT least one person has been sick in our house for about a month. Right now three of us are still feeling pretty bad. At times it feels like we're living on a petri dish -- just a house full of germs mutating into new germs mutating in new germs mutating into new germs.

At the local school there was one class that had eleven students missing due to sickness last Friday. Three of those are now confirmed Swine Flu so I assume they'll keep that class home for the required seven days. Patrick and Julia are not in that class, but many of their friends have siblings who are. At my own school we've had a huge number of students calling in sick. Two students were recently hospitalized with Swine Flu (although both are now fine and back in school).

I read that the Alps-Maritimes (where we live) has had the the highest number of people with Swine Flue and the highest rate of school closures in all of France. Anyone know why? Kerri is sitting next to me and just suggested it might have something to do with the amount of traveling done by people who live here (keep in mind that a relatively high percentage of people live here but work elsewhere -- like in Paris, London, Geneva, and Zurich, for example -- so there are a lot of people cramped on planes every week).

Well, in some ways it might be a long winter.


Launa said...

As a fellow-traveler (and parent) living just one Department over, in the Var, I can only dread what must be coming our way as well. I think your theory about why your region is getting sick first is accurate. Be well, get well soon, all good wishes...

jennifer said...

A few departments away, 21 out of 26 "moyens" had flu one day 2 weeks ago. Then the parents and teachers got it. Then my collegian this weekend. Now they are bringing home papers to fill in for vacination program at the stadium. What to do?