29 November 2009

Julia's Turn cont...

WE'RE BACK FROM a very successful birthday party for Julia. Despite the cancellations (see previous post) about 10 of us had a great time ice-skating in Nice. Even the adults had fun -- right, Jerome? (On a very selfish note, it was amazing to get back on the ice for the first time in a long while. So much fun).

As part of the Party Package we got a little party during the skating and Kerri and I were quite impressed by the quality of the cake that was served. There is a photo below but I'm sure it won't do it justice. We're talking super super good. Expensive, but really good. We should have known that the French would take dessert seriously. Anyway, the kids all had fun -- despite the fact that a few were missing because of various illnesses.

Laurine and Sarah hit the ice.

Laurine, Julia, and Deborah

See, doesn't that cake look good. It was!

Who's that guy hogging all the Cool?

Henry was skating on his own within about 10 minutes.

Why does everyone love the Zamboni?


All done for another year of birthdays for the twins. We learned a long time ago that the key to great birthday parties is not to have them at your house!! This year we once again had a great time celebrating with Patrick, Julia and their friends.


jennifer said...

Miam...French bday cakes taste good, while American cakes often look like they will explode with artificial coloring and decorations.

Anonymous said...

Hogging all the cool? Love it.