06 August 2009

A World Record I Don't Want to Participate In

I'M AFRAID OF hot-air balloons. You know, in that 'I've got to do that sometime' kind of way. But I'm not sure I'd want to participate in the world record that took place this week in Chambley, France -- where 329 balloons launched at the same time. I'm not keen on the idea of being hundreds of feet in the air without a) wings, or b) a parachute. But it sure makes for a great photo. You can see a timelapse photo of the launch here.


Late Update: Appears as if the story above in inaccurate. 329 isn't even close to the record for balloon launches according to several reports in other newspapers (and at least one emailer!) Oh well, sorry Chambley.

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talesfromagarden said...

lovely photo i agree with you on that one the feeling of going with the wind and ending up heaven knows where!!