23 August 2009

German Signs

THERE ARE OTHERS that are funny, but this one was a family favorite. It's posted just as you leave a Burger King 'food plaza' on the A5 motorway. We saw this one on our return trip from Basel, Switzerland on Saturday afternoon.

I don't speak the language, but my gut tells me that 'fahrt' means something else in German.



jennifer said...

without the "h" in Swedish it means "speed"

Jennie said...

LOL it just means have a good trip.

Jealous of your Burger King stop, btw. that's the first place we stopped when we entered the country on our trip 2 years ago.

don said...

it means exit

Leesa said...

When I first saw this on the road... I had a great laugh!!! Like all fahrts are gute!!!