23 August 2009

Chilling Chart

AS YOU KNOW, from time to time I like to post things that have little to do with France and more to do with things that interest...me (OK, sometimes 'us', but mostly me). You'll see an example of this in chart that is shown below. I found it while looking around the web this morning and it caught my attention for a couple of reasons: first, it is -- as I say in the post title -- chilling, 2) I've just read a couple books about Afghanistan so I've been reading a lot about man/woman roles in different societies. I think I looked at this chart for about 5 straight minutes while I let some of the figures set in. Take a close look at the title. This chart was produced by UNICEF and I have no information about any of the particulars so take it at face value.

Clearer version here if it's too small to read.


bhshrode said...

Please be on the lookout for my new blog beginning soon:

Jordanian for a while...

Our family of 5 has left Ooltewah, TN to spend a few years in the South of Jordan. These are our thoughts and observations -- along with an occasional faux pas and some subtle swipes at the French (no reason to change that part).

Jonathan et Kari said...


I'm surprised Mali is so much hugher than other West African countries - but maybe not all were included. I'll have to read the fine print.

Thanks for posting this.