15 June 2009

Revolution in Iran?

THE FRENCH MEDIA is finally giving some meaningful attention to the events in Iran. I don't know if the news channels in the US are covering it, but I saw that the Jonas Brother's are schedule for Larry King tonight (or last night) so I'm not holding my breath. I'm looking at the BBC and Andrew Sullivan's blog for most of my information.

It's far to early to make any judgements about the events of the past 72 hours, but it has the potential to completely transform Middle-East politics. The level of resistance of those supporting Mousavi is, in a word, inspiring. Will we remember June 2009 as the beginning of the Green Revolution in Iran or as just another crushed democratic movement in a politically oppressed country? We'll see.



Cat from California said...

It was scary how little info got out, very scary. Finally CNN and a few other US news organizations covering. We initially only heard through twitter coverage.

Anonymous said...

The most I have heard has been on NPR, but in general, I don't think there has been nearly as much coverage as has been warranted. Tried to follow it yesterday on cable news, & every single channel was covering the President speaking on health care. Will be interesting to see how much is shown tonight on the national news.