14 June 2009

All The World's a Stage...

IT'S BEEN VERY busy lately on lots of fronts. One of those fronts included a theatre production that Patrick and Julia performed in last weekend. Here's a quick video that four or five of you will watch (especially if your name is grandma or grandpa!).

The performance is all in French and it was often a bit too fast for us to understand. See if you can do better? The kids tell me their best laugh lines came when they swore in French. Gotta love French children's theatre, I guess. (Note: it may take a while to upload so check back).



Manue said...

that was fun to watch! xx. Emmanuelle.

joan said...

I'll be in Hollywood talking to producers this weekend - shall I sign them up? I take a 17% agents fee!

Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Julia,

My computer at work isn't picking up You-Tube sound.

But tonight I'm on the computer at home and I watched. You are both wonderful.

I'm very proud of you!