26 June 2009

Goodbye to the King

WOKE UP TO the news that Michael Jackson has died. I loved his music, as did Kerri and the kids. Even by about age 5 or 6, A Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits album was one of the first that Patrick and Julia used to request when we got in the car. He was a musical genius, a cultural icon, and a sad, sad human being. He was robbed of his childhood and spent much of his adult life trying to get it back, sort of going off the tracks in the process. But if you were to make a short list of the music important musical figures of the last 100 years, Jackson's on it!

I'm watching the French news shows right and it's all Jackson all the time. I'm sure that is the case in virtually every country in the world this morning. I've also spent a few minutes this morning looking at clips like these.

Michael Jackson consistently made the best music video around and he almost single-handedly 'made' MTV. This was was always my favorite:



Grégoire Gomes said...

Sad news...

J Perry Stone said...

Tell Ker I'm so freaked out about it. I can still remember her sneaking her outlawed Michael Jackson iron-on underneath her sweatshirt. She'd go running across the gym floor, stop, then belt out:

"I said don't mind but what do you mean?"

And then she'd flash us the T-shirt.