23 June 2009

F-You Very Much

AS I'VE MENTIONED here before, from time to time I go sit in McDonald's with a coffee because it's one of the few places in France with free wireless internet access. We also eat at McDonald's on occassion because it's easy, the kids like it, and they are always open. But I'm now confronted with the following reality about the Golden Arches here in France: they are not too worried about being kid friendly -- at least not for kids who speak English.

I'll explain. McDonalds has contracted with French radio station NRJ (pronounced like 'energy') to provide music in their restaurants. The music (often annoyingly loud) is a mix of current pop hits from the US and Europe and I generally put on some earphones and try to get a few things done on the computer without focusing on the music in the background. But lately there have been some songs that have caused me to, shall we say, pay attention a bit more than I normally would.

Consider the song by English pop star Lily Allen. Allen has a popular hit right now called 'F**k You'. Now, as you might imagine, when this song is played in the UK or in the States it is cencored with an appropriately placed bleep. However, when the song plays in France -- and at McDonalds -- no such censorship takes place, meaning that the following lyrics are played (annoyingly loud, remember) for all to hear: 'F**k you. F**k you very much.' How am I going to explain that one to the kids as they are running around the play area?

I suppose I could tell them to focus on the catchy tune (because it really does have a catchy tune).


Jonathan et Kari said...

Excellent post :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video clip on TV which is realy fun and creative. French think they are so cool when they use the language of Shakespeare, even when it is inappropriate. Few years ago I heard vulgar hip hop song in a dance class my daughter was watching ad I think we were the only English speakers. Luckily she was too young to understand!

Loulou said...

I've heard it on NRJ too and it really mades me laugh. I guess you could just resign yourself to the fact that your kids are going to learn that word one day anyway. :)
And it is a catchy tune!

La Vie est Belle said...

On Kiss FM they bleep it out, so it sounds like "kuh you very mu-uh-uch . . ."