03 March 2009

Tech Me Up

WE ALL KNOW that technology is catching on at record pace, but here' s a bit of perspective. The following list shows how long it took for some of the 20th (and 21st) century innovations to reach 150 million users:
  • telephone: 89 years
  • television: 38 years
  • cell (mobile) phone: 14 years
  • iPod: 7 years
  • Facebook: 5 years
  • Twitter: oh, please no -- I hate Twitter *

Not sure of the number of users for Blogspot, but I don't think it's reached the 150 million mark yet. I suppose this all makes me wonder how I would communicate with family and friends if not for blogs. The telephone? Hand-written letters?


* gratuitous self-promotion: the Twitter concept is annoying on so many levels, but a quick look at some statistics showed that the Twitter Thursday posts I ran last month resulted in the second highests day of 'hits' in the history of this little blog (the highest was on election day in November). Odd, no?


poppy fields said...

I haven't lived on the mainland USA for 21 years, and it has only been in the past 5 years, thanks to blogspot and now facebook, that my family has been happy with the communication I've sent back their way. I was always a terrible letter writer, e-mailer and hate the telephone as much as I think I would probably dislike twitter... :)

Jonathan et Kari said...

When my family moved to Africa in 1984 it was all letters and once a month phone calls. (But at the time there was only ONE international phone line out of the country, so you had to wait or catch it when no one else was using it.)

Now we're spread out across Europe and the US and we email, Skype, blog, and Facebook. To be honest, I don't think I could go back to communicating without one of these!

Justin said...

Interesting statistics. We are becoming more and more technology dependent as time goes on.

The twitter stats for you are not that odd... since that day I have been wondering what you have eaten for lunch everyday! :-)

Fight the urge and resist twitter, it has been my downfall!