19 February 2009

Twitter Thursday is Here

TODAY IS GOING to be nothing by 'twitters'. What is a twitter? Many of you will know the website http://www.twitter.com/ which is described as a 'service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of shsort, quick, frequent answers to one simple question: 'What are you doing right now?' The point is to update what you are doing several times a day.

On many levels, this service is annoying, really annoying. I mean, 1) who has time to update what they are doing all the time, and 2) who frickin' cares what I'm doing all the time. But since Twitter is all the rage right now (I know this because I just read two articles in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal that told me so) I thought I'd give this blog a one-day Twitter Makeover, just to see how it goes.

Off we go...



Jonathan et Kari said...

You know, I can't quite seem to figure out why it's all the rage. I signed up a while ago and then last week (possibly after reading the same articles as you) decided to give it another go before ignoring it forever - which, if you believe the articles, seems as if it may be hard to do!

Best of luck with the project. I'm sure I'll be back later to see how it's going!

poppy fields said...

I've decided not to venture into Twitter land. Blogging, Facebook, Flickr...I already feel pretty dissipated, but then I see people updating everything from Twitter and wonder if it's the miracle cure to do it all in one swift click...?