19 February 2009

The End of Twitter Thursday

SO THAT'S IT, my little experiment with a Twitter-style day of posts is over. 18 posts in all.

For what? That's a good question. Here's my initial reason for doing it, but I also just felt like trying something that is 'all the rage' (to quote the NY Times). I know it's not the same trying to accomplish 'twitters' on a blog, but even the general concept seems a bit far-fetched to me. Do people really want to read about my daily ordinary activities? I doubt it. Do I want to hear about other people's daily activities multiple times a day? Definitely not. I don't even care for the twitter-like function on Facebook.

Oh well, it's done with now. Back to silly observations, family anecdotes, posting photos, and taking subtle swipes at the French. That's more fun anyway.

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