14 January 2009

How Do I Apply

Australia's Queensland Tourist Board is using the strained world economy as part of a new campaign giving job-seekers the opportunity to live six months rent-free on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef and make $150,000! In addition to basking in the sun all day, the job requires that the "island caretaker" keep a blog of their stay.
I wonder if the Cannes Mairie would be up for something like this?


ecrunner said...

This is more than the perfect job; it sounds like a dream job. It is amazing how many people have already applied, let alone gone to the site. I have yet to be able to connect to the site, but I know I want to apply to it. How amazing it would be to have that job (though we'd pay for it through taxes). I can't seem, no matter how hard I try, to connect the site (even through a powerful 4G wireless connection).

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