01 August 2008

Biking Around

I ALMOST KILLED my father-in-law today. We've been going for bike rides each morning and today I took Les on a new route -- one that introduced two new elements to our ride: 1) a beautiful 5.5km descent into a town called Quillan, and 2) a not so beautiful 8 km ascent back up the mountain. We're not talking Cat 1 or anything, but the route has a 1500 ft change in elevation -- enough to get 'Pop Pop's' heart beating at a comfortable 350 beats per minute. But the climb proved no match for Les's will-power and stamina. And as the photo on the left shows, there was even time for a smile at one of the switchbacks along the route. We were definately ready to get home for a nice cup of coffee (or 3) and some breakfast.

Thanks to Google Earth, you can see the route we took -- and you can click to enlarge.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Pittons and Scrivens!
Looks like pretty country and a great place for the summer.
I'll send a note on Yahoo about our trip to Jacksonville.
Reika and Ben
Jonathan - send back some good jokes with the Pittons!!