30 July 2008

Puivert, France

THE VIEW FROM atop Chateau de Puivert. This is where we are living this summer -- and the kids won't want you to miss the lake because we spend a lot of time there.

A little closer look:

The village is small, charming, beautiful, and great for the kids. Wish it had a few more cafes and boulangeries, but I really can't complain too much.


Francis van Staa said...

Just a *few* Do's & Dont's for tourism / sightseeing:

Andorra: a traffic nightmare (but there is a bus running from Latour de Carol)

Carcassonne: swamped with tourists, maybe out of season? It's nice anyway.

Mont Louis: Really nice little citadelle and less crowded!

From Latour de Carol & past Mont Louis, all the way to Villefranche runs the "Petit Train Jaune" and in Summer it has a few trips per day with OPEN carriages! The kids will LOVE this!

Mirepoix is nice, especially the town center.

Abbaye de Saint-Martin du Canigou:
It's a steep climb, 45 - 60 minutes but it's SO worth it!

Collioure is another of those overcrowded places that are worth a visit out of season none the less.

There's plenty to see West of Foix also but I haven't been there so I cannot comment except the Cirque de Gavarnie is supposed to be really special.

Enjoy, Francis

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