24 July 2008

Extreme Disappointment!


I was sitting in the car at grocery store when I spotted the Pepsi vending machine you see at the left. If that doesn't seem unusual to you then you don't live in France. France (Europe, really) is dominated by Coke and that's not good news for an unapologetic 'Pepsi guy' like me. So when I saw the opportunity to buy a cold can of Pepsi (another rarety in France) I almost couldn't contain my excitement. As I drove toward the vending machine I could almost taste the dark, sweet, heavily caffeinated cola on my lips.

That's when the disappointment hit, because when I looked at the choices the vending machine offered, this is what I saw (look carefully):

Can you believe that? A Pepsi machine selling only Coke and Coke products. I'm writing a letter to Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola, Inc. right now -- this injustice must be rectified. I can't face that kind of disappointment again.



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Penny said...

Ha ha I knew exactly what you were going to say the moment I saw the title and the picture! Ah France - you've gotta love it :)