12 January 2008

Up to the Snow

LAST WEEKEND WE took a short trip up to the ski resort of Valberg, which is about an hour north of Nice. Besides the absolutely stunning roads that lead up to this resort (and the fact that we probably should have had chains on our tires), we were most interested in just spending some time in the snow. We didn't have the proper clothing --the tennis shoes didn't quite do the trick -- but we spent enough time in Valberg to 1) enjoy a nice crepe and a coffee, and 2) convince the kids that this winter we are going to spend a week skiing somewhere. The photo on the left is in front of the kids ski school chair lift (bunny hill). Since we are east-coasters (United States) our kids have never skied! Outrageous, I know. That's all about to change. We're looking at some good resorts to visit during our two week break in February.

Any suggestions from those of you who live in this region?


Dianne is for Paris said...

Isola 2000 is very nice and quite big. Right near the Italian border.

Emily said...

If you end up being near Annecy in Feb., let me know. :)

Judith said...

Let's see, where to start: Chamonix, Courchevel, Alpe d'Huez. But there are some really good smaller resorts too if you want beginner slopes and fewer people. Just look them up on the web. They are everywhere

annie said...

in the region( 1h1/2 to 2h1/2): Isola2000(fr), Auron(fr), La Foux d'Allos(fr), and Limone(it);
4 to 6h(going via Italy) : breuil-cervinia(it),sestriere(it), chamonix(fr), argentiere(fr),and more, there are so many!