27 October 2007

I Am Not A Chef

A COUPLE OF years ago I 'published' (I use that term very loosely) a book called I Am Not A Chef and gave it to my dad for his birthday. I was simply a computer-generated book of all the favorite recipes (mostly stolen from real chefs) that we use a lot at our house. When Kerri was on bedrest with our twins I was forced to do a lot of cooking and I found that I really enjoyed it. Now my wife and kids make fun of me a lot because I like to pretend I'm a chef at home: you know -- wear the white apron, chop the herbs really quickly, flip the veggies in the pan so that they go way up into the air. The result is usually some cut fingers (twice last wee!!) and vegetable bits all over the stove and floor, but it's worth it.

But I'm certainly not a chef, which is why any comments I make about food will be in the spirit of a 'pretend chef' who wishes he could quit his job and work at a 3-Michelin star restaurant. I'll leave it to the pro bloggers to write seriously about food (see some links on the right for real food writers)

But from time to time we'll talk about our food experiences here in France: the cheese, the fresh vegetables, the bread, and the rest. Seems kind of silly not to.

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Penny said...

I look forward to reading your thoughts about food. I am not a chef either but I do love to cook!