24 October 2007

C'est pas grave!

New phrase of the day, finally!!!

I love this phrase because I have heard it many times having a 2 1/2 year old in tow! Just the other night as we were enjoying our weekly pizza night out at one of our kids' favorite pizza spots, "L'elephant", we heard this phrase! Henry was given a very special, provencal style, petite assiette of his own! When he was finished eating his 3rd piece of pizza, he got up, took his special plate and began walking it over to mommy saying, "all done" when much to all of our surprise and utter horror, the beautiful plate went shattering onto the extremely loud, tiled floor. My useful phrase, je suis desole, came pouring out of my mouth repeatedly about 100 times and a very sincere and patient mademoiselle repeated a new phrase which I adore......."c'est pas grave, c'est pas grave!" Phew! the French are soooo understanding!!!


J Perry Stone said...

Based on context clues, does it mean:

It's not that serious??

I wish she would have said:
Je voudrais vous tuer (or something like that)

... but only if i could have been there listening.

Anonymous said...

Literal translation is 'it's not grave'

Penny said...

Ah, dining out with the under 3 year old set - so relaxing!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Oui, c'est normale!