04 October 2007

Ally McBeal Bathrooms

THAT'S WHAT I have at work.

When Ally McBeal hit Fox in the mid 90s, most of the talk centered around two things: Calista Flockhart's hemline (see photo), and the comfort/discomfort that was aroused by the concept of coed bathrooms. Well at my work (alas, in many locations here in France) the bathrooms are indeed coed. Yes, coed. What makes this bearable at my particular place of employment is the fact that the 'stalls' are made of brick and go from ceiling to floor. In addition to making the stalls mostly soundproof, this set-up also erases the possibility of any Larry Craig-like confusion, something I didn't think about much until recently. But it still takes some getting used to; it just doesn't seem right to walk right into a restroom where women are at the sinks washing their hands. Early on I had to do double-takes on occasion -- making desperate glaces toward the door looking for the familiar 'male' or 'female' sign only to remember that, at least during this portion of my day, I'm on the set of Ally McBeal.


Paris is for Dianne said...

Boy, now you REALLY have to plan to bathroom breaks carefully.

jim said...

You are to funny Jonathan!! When you are in the bathroom just pretend that they are female reporters and you are a huge NFL linebacker in your own dressing room. You own that room baby!!!!


French for a While said...

Jim, if I remember from college, you often 'owned' the room is Misty's house!!!

Emily said...

I went to a new pool the other day and was shocked to see men dressing in what I thought was the ladies' bathroom. I soon realized that it was a co-ed bathroom. It freaked me out, but at least we all change in small private dressing rooms.