24 September 2007


OUR DEAR FRIENDS at the CUC blog have a new post up showing how many Chipotle restaurants there are within 10 miles of their campus (near Washington, DC). Can you believe the answer is 22! Oh how that would taste good right now. Really, really, good.

By the way, I did a quick search and do you know how many Chiptole restaurants are within 2,000 miles of Nice, France? Zero!!


enga said...

I do feel sympathy for you Jonathan -- but oh so NOT much --- you are in the land of epicurian delights and you crave beans and rice.....go figure :) hugs to all -- we miss you!!!

cjscriven said...

True, but it's a bit hard to enjoy the plat du jour at a nice restaurant when you have three kids in tow! Pizzeria is a little more our style these days.

J Perry Stone said...

You guys need seasonings and Ker can do the rest.

Make a list.

I'll do my best.

I even have Nirm's mother's garam masala. Course, you could just take a jaunt up to jolly old for your Indian fix.

Ric and i will be there in Nov. with the kids. You should meet us.