23 September 2007

A First Tonight

ON MY WAY out the door to Nice to watch a Washington Redskins game at Ma Nolans near the old village. Apparently it is possible to see two NFL games per weeks on satellite and the two games happen to be the national games on Fox and CBS in the US. Today's Fox game of the week is Washington vs. New York Giants. Just for fun, I'm going to watch -- even though the game starts at 10:00pm local time.


J Perry Stone said...

I'm sorry, but this is a sad state of affairs.

You're in the south of France, for God's sake, and you're already joansing for football?

If my DH knew he could get Am football whenever he wanted ... wherever he wanted, we'd right not be ex-patting it along with you!

As it is, his tush (no, not THAT tush!), is planted on the couch watching pregame crapola.

BTW, your beautiful wife told me to log on here. Make her post too and I promise not to cuss too, too much.


frenchforawhile said...

I know, terrible of me. I only watched the first half which is good because that was the good half. Alas, a loss in the end.