18 September 2007

Finally, Cell Phones!

IT ONLY TOOK four weeks, but we finally have cell phones -- or I should say, mobile phones. You wouldn't think it would be hard to sign up with a mobile phone company, but it was quite an undertaking. First, we had to have an established bank account here in France (don't get me started on how complicated that is!). Then you have to produce a check from your bank -- yes, a check -- so that the monthly fee can be automatically deducted from your account (you would think that a debit card would do). Then you have to submit some sort of proof that you actually live in France -- a lease agreement, a utility bill, an official copy of a work contract, whatever. After all this they want you to prove you are who you say you are, and of course the check with my name on it, the lease agreement with my name on it, and the work contract with...you guessed it...my name on isn't proof enough. No, I had to have a government issued form of identification. No problem, I thought, I'll use my US driver's license. Oh no, that's not good enough, it has to be an official US Passport.

But after 4 or 5 trips to the local Carrefour (think Wal Mart) I finally walked out with two cell phones, two brand new numbers, and a whopping 2 hours per month of free calls. Two hours! On the bright side, Kerri and I now each have a really nice new slide-up, super slim Samsung phone. Call us sometime, we'll email you the numbers if you want.


JenniferLyon said...

The difficulty comes in being new to France. If you've lived here a while it's really quite simple to get a phone.

Penny said...

You did it in four weeks, well done! We couldnt get contracts for our mobiles while we were living in temporary accomodation - it made it really expensive using pre-paid cards all the time