13 September 2007

Almost Ate Dinner in Mougins

LAST WEEKEND WE decided to check out Mougins, a beautiful medieval village in the mountains a few minutes from where we live (and the final home of Picasso). Our goal was to eat dinner there since Mougins is well know for it's top-rated chefs and great restaurants, including Chef Alain Llorca's Le Moulin de Mougins -- one of the most famous restaurants in all of France. After walking around for about an 1/2 hour, looking at art galleries and menus posted in front of all the bistros, it became clear that dinner in Mougin was not going to happen -- mainly because most of the restaurants didn't exactly have a kids menus and we were towing three around with us. But we sure loved Mougins (video coming soon) and we might go back this weekend for the annual Les étoiles de Mougins, a large festival celebrating France's top chefs -- including lots of demonstrations and food sampling. Over 100 top-ranked French chefs will be there --Alain Llorca included, of course.

Oh, and by the way, instead of eating in Mougin last weekend we stopped off at a pizza stand in Roquefort-les-Pin -- it was delicious. I'm not sure Alain Llorca could have done much better!

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Poppy Fields said...

We used to go out to eat in Mougins all the time....before we had kids :)