09 April 2012

What Brightens Your Day?

DURING OUR LITTLE Cup of Coffee Road Trip last Christmas break we started talking about the kinds of things that happen during the course of a normal day that make us feel good.  I'm not sure who said it, but someone in the family said that it is often little things that make the day a little 'brighter.'  With that idea Kerri suggested we start a little family project:  to actually take notice of the little things that brighten our day -- specifically the little things other people do that make our day a little better.  A couple of days later Brightened My Day was up and running and our project was underway.

Our goal is to write one thing someone did to brighten our day -- and to do it every day for one year.  Today is day 100.

The idea was to get all of us (especially the kids) to recognize little things we can do to make other people feel good and to realize the bickering and fighting is a waste of energy and time.  Some days they seem to understand the concept (as when Julia said, "It brightened my day when a friend told me how much she liked by bag") and some days we're not sure if it's quite sinking in (as when Julia said, "It brightened my day when mom and dad let me have extra TV time").  But hey, we're sticking with it and are hoping to keep it going for another 265 days.

Check in from time to time if you feel like it: Brightened My Day.

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