11 March 2012

Little Magazine Write-Up

THE LATEST ISSUE of Code Sport Cote d'Azur (which, admittedly, I had never heard of until this month) has five-page spread about the rising popularity (and success) of the professional ice hockey team here in Nice.  As a little bonus, there is a nice glossy photo of Henry's team in the section of the story that focuses on the growth of the youth teams in the area.

The main story in the magazine (featuring a photo of Finnish forward Joonas Sari)

Henry is somewhere in the photo on the left page (blue helmet and jersey in the middle-left portion of the picture).
As for the pro team -- they have just clinched the regular season title (3 points up with one to play) and they will begin the playoffs in two weeks.  Nice currently has the lowest team budget in their league and if they win the championship they will have a very hard time making it to the top French league (Ligue Magnus) unless they get a significant influx of funds (hello Russian oligarchs in the area??)

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