20 February 2012

Nice Hockey Wins

THE BIGGEST HOCKEY game to be played in Nice in the past few years took place on Saturday night and we were there to watch...and participate.  Henry was part of the introductions and the Nice Under-9 team skated out with the big boys when they were introduced to the crowd.  He later played a very short exhibition game between the first and second periods.  After the game, the local France 3 television station had a report on the game and both Henry and Patrick made a little cameo -- you can see them in the background giving the players High-Fives as Stanislov Sutor, the head coach, is being interviewed.  The cameo starts at about the :42 mark.  In fact, you can just see them above Sutor's right shoulder in the still below:  Henry has the blue shirt (blond hair) and Patrick is just behind him with the red ski cap on).

Great game as Nice beat Mulhouse 4-3 to take a 3 point lead at the top of the league standings.

More on Henry's role a bit later -- we've got some fun footage of that as well.

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