01 January 2012

Home...But What A Week!

OUR NEW YEAR'S Day lunch was in Verona, Italy.  We were only in the old-town for about 2 hours, but with the sun shining, the market hopping, and our delicious (and cheap) pizza/salad lunch, it was a fun couple hours.

But it's good to be back home.  Patrick and Julia had 'travel books' where they kept information about our trip (km traveled per day, favorite cities, cost of tolls, favorite foods, historical facts, drawings, foreign words learned, etc).  Maybe tomorrow we'll go through the books and add up the total mileage, but for now a map and short summary will be enough:
  • Day 1: Le Rouret - Trieste, Italy
  • Day 2: Trieste - Budapest (stops in Ljublijana and Zagreb)
  • Day 3: Budapest
  • Day 4: Budapest - Bratislava
  • Day 5: Bratislava
  • Day 6: Bratislava - Padova, Italy (stop in Vienna)  
  • Day 7: Padova - Le Rouret (stop in Verona)

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