11 January 2012

Call Me By My Wii Name

THIS EVENING WE started the first of a series of Family Wii Tournaments on our new Nintendo game system.  I'm a little bummed because I lost to my 13-year old son in the opening round of Wii Bowling, but I'm happy to report that our tournaments are all double elimination [props to the double elimination printable brackets I found online] so if I can win the loser bracket I'll be right back into the championship match.  In the play-in round (hey, we have to have one -- we have an odd number in the family) Kerri beat Julia and racked up an impressive 194 in the process.

Of course, no Wii tournament can begin until each family member has a Wii-profile -- complete with nickname, and visual likeness.  I now present the family Wii names:

  • Jonathan = J$ (pronounced J-Money)
  • Kerri - KWow (Kuh-wow, not Kay-wow)
  • Patrick - PDogg (yes, the second 'g' is critical)
  • Julia - JuicyQ (the Q is for Queen)
  • Henry - HennerG (as in energy)
From now on we will answer to either our given names or our Wii names.

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