22 December 2011

McDonalds to the Rescue

ONE OF THE many things I miss about life in the US is easy access to public internet connections -- WiFi.  In France it is very difficult to find places where you can plop down with a laptop and get free access to the web.  Unless, of course; you are at a McDonalds; one of the few places in this country that opening touts ts Wi-Fi Gratuit policy.  I know the need for these kinds of hot-spots are decreasing because of smart phones and iPads, but there are times (like today) when I am not able to be at home and I need to get some things done and I just need an internet connection.

I'm trying to get some research and writing done while Kerri and Julia do some last minute shopping.  Normally I would have just stayed home but we wanted to take our car to the garage for a check-up before next week so we had to take both vehicles.  But rather than tag along on the shopping excursion, I had myself dropped off at a local Micky D's where I will now surf the net get some work done.

Time to dig into Russia's recent WTO accession.  Fun times at McDonalds.

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