24 December 2011

Cup of Coffee Road Trip

THIS WILL MAKE more sense if you've already seen this post about our upcoming little road trip.  Without revealing exactly where we are going, the following clues might help if you want to guess.  Here is some pre-trip information:
  • We will be gone about one week.
  • We will cover nearly 3000 km
  • Including the country we live in, we hope to drive through 8 countries, six of which the kids have never been to before (Kerri and I have not been to at least 4 of them).
  • We will spend nights in 4 different countries
  • We will be in some countries only long enough to have a cup of coffee (almost literally) and buy a refrigerator magnet to add to our collection.
  • We will not always be able to use Euros
  • We will be attending a professional ice hockey match
  • New Year's Eve with the Montegues and the Capulets?
  Almost too easy, I know.  Guessing the direction we will be traveling is probably the easiest part.

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