29 December 2011

Coffee, Cottage Cheese, and Chocolate

DAY TWO OF two in Budapest today.  Cold, great, beautiful, yummy!  First of all, yes, I had a cup of coffee in Budapest so let's just get that photo out of the way:

But the real treats came a bit later at the Christmas market where we tried a few traditional Hungarian food items, such as: 

Lángos - a sort of bread pizza.  This one is cottage cheese and dill.
Yes, cottage cheese and dill "pizza".  Fantastic!

For desert we had a few bars of Túró Rudi -- which is basically cottage cheese (curd, really) covered in a thin layer of chocolate.  How is it possible that Kerri and I went 40 years without havingchocolate covered cottage cheese?  

The incredible market near the river.  Two levels, masses amounts of fruit, veggies, and meats.

The market from the outside.  One of the most beautifully decorated buildings we say.

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