03 December 2011


OBVIOUSLY, POSTING REGULARLY on this blog is not high on my list -- but there are a few things to do before Christmas. We're going to be in France for the holidays, and for the first time, we'll we by ourselves. We're mulling some interesting plans for the holidays (what a tease!) and the plans are coming together. But for now:
  • Dig out Christmas decorations for the house (check!)
  • Put up wreaths, lights, etc. around the house.
  • Get Christmas music playing in the house 24/7 (check! -- over my mild objection)
  • Make Christmas lists (check!)
  • Head to Target, Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, Home Depot, Ann Taylor, Barnes & Noble to get gifts (Oh wait, we can't do that. Guess I'll go to Carrefour!)
  • Get Christmas tree (that's happening today)
  • Start baking Christmas treats (Julia is in charge!)
May try to keep up to date for a while on these (and other) items.

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