02 November 2011

This is NOT the Film Festival

ONE THING IS for certain: the G20 meetings that start in Cannes on Thursday should give all Hollywood-types a little dose of humility. The security measures for the G20 make the Cannes Film Festival look like a picnic for children. Total neighborhood shutdowns; motorway closures; airport closures; school cancellations; alternate traffic patterns; 12,000 police; constant air and sea patrols; and that's just for the days LEADING UP to the meetings.

It's really quite a huge undertaking. We've seen a good deal of evidence

for it already -- from the two policemen stationed at every single overpass on the A8 motorway, to the constant hovering of helicopters. Quite a boost to the local economy, I image -- assuming, of course, the 15,000 expected protesters don't recreate the havoc they created at the EU Summit in Nice in 2000 (good part starts at the 8:00 mark).

The security measures are astounding:

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