18 September 2011

Lead Story Worth a Read

MY BROTHER HAS the lead story over at a website called Hockey Independent -- a site that focuses on the National Hockey League in the U.S. (screen shot below). He is one of two people at the site who cover our hometown team - the Washington Capitals - and with training camp now underway the site is preparing for its third year in existence (I think I have that right). Each year the site grows exponentially.

So here's a little love for my little brother. Those of you who are hockey-inclined (there must be at least 7 of you) can follow Jeremy all year at his page on Hockey Independent. Neither of us can wait for the new season to start!

[Note: in order to make sure this post is at least a little bit about me, let me share a quick story from last week at school. As I was picking up a sandwich at the place when I saw a student wearing a bright red Washington Capitals t-shirt with the name 'Ovechkin' on the back (except that it was written in Russian -- Овечкин). I couldn't pass it up so I went up to him and asked him about the shirt (and also showed him the front photo on my phone, which is a photo of center ice at the Verizon Center in DC). Turns out he was Russian, in the Russian section at our school, and a huge Ovechkin/Capitals fan. When I told him I was from DC and I, too, loved hockey and the Caps, he was very pleased. Too bad I didn't have this photo of me wearing Patrick's Ovechkin jersey at last years Carnival at school.]


Jim said...

I love this time of year! Last night was our first skate after taking the summer off. I'm sure you long for the day when you can play again.

chcmichel said...

Very cool about your brother.

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