18 September 2011

Lead Story Worth a Read

MY BROTHER HAS the lead story over at a website called Hockey Independent -- a site that focuses on the National Hockey League in the U.S. (screen shot below). He is one of two people at the site who cover our hometown team - the Washington Capitals - and with training camp now underway the site is preparing for its third year in existence (I think I have that right). Each year the site grows exponentially.

So here's a little love for my little brother. Those of you who are hockey-inclined (there must be at least 7 of you) can follow Jeremy all year at his page on Hockey Independent. Neither of us can wait for the new season to start!

[Note: in order to make sure this post is at least a little bit about me, let me share a quick story from last week at school. As I was picking up a sandwich at the place when I saw a student wearing a bright red Washington Capitals t-shirt with the name 'Ovechkin' on the back (except that it was written in Russian -- Овечкин). I couldn't pass it up so I went up to him and asked him about the shirt (and also showed him the front photo on my phone, which is a photo of center ice at the Verizon Center in DC). Turns out he was Russian, in the Russian section at our school, and a huge Ovechkin/Capitals fan. When I told him I was from DC and I, too, loved hockey and the Caps, he was very pleased. Too bad I didn't have this photo of me wearing Patrick's Ovechkin jersey at last years Carnival at school.]

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