26 August 2011

To the Massif...

TOMORROW IS OUR final day in the Poitou-Charentes region of France and we will be heading back to the southeast after a four-day stop in La Bourboule -- a mountain village in the Massif Central, the least-well-known of the major mountain ranges in France. While certainly not the Alpes or the Pyrenees, the Massif Central is located in the south-central part of the country (just west of the Rhone Valley) and covers 15 percent of France and has some impressive peaks -- the largest one topping out at over 1800 meters.

After 8 weeks in the flats of western France, the mountains will be quite a change. Oh, and the forecasted evening temperatures of 6-7 degrees (Celsius) is also quite exciting. Nothing beats a cool evening after a hot summer day.

[Note: the school year must be starting soon; this sounded like a geography lesson.]


Annie said...

You must say "to the Massif Central", because "to the Massif" alone doesn't mean anything, people will say : which massif are you talking about?(http://www.france.learningtogether.net/relief.html)
Et vous verrez, c'est vraiment magnifique, très différent des autres massifs montagneux français, à mon avis.

French for a While said...

I know I took some liberties, it was just a little teaser.

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