22 August 2011

French Tour Continues...

SUMMERS ARE ALWAYS an interesting mix of relaxing and busy for us. Due to the fact that we have to be out of our 'regular' house for 3 months each summer, we get to (have to?) find new places to stay. As I've mentioned numerous times, we try to go somewhere new every year so as to explore as much of the country as possible -- sometimes even venturing outside the country like we did last summer in Italy.

But it's never quite as simple as just finding one place for the whole time because at the end of each summer I have to be back for work a few days before we actually get to move into our house. This summer is no different so we are preparing for two more moves between now and September 3. Yes, two more. Since our stay in the Poitou-Charentes ends one week before we can move in, Kerri did some searching on the internet and found a place for us to stay for four days high in the mountains of the Massive Central -- a village called La Bourboule, which sits at nearly 3000ft. We haven't spent a lot of time in the center of France so a few days there will allow for exploration of a new region -- something that's always kind of fun. After La Bourboule we'll head back home and crash for a couple of night at our neighbor's house (it is vacant as he currently lives in New Jersey) before returning to our place in the first weekend of September.

Four full moves this summer. Plus several nights in hotels during trips with Kerri's parents. Par for the course for us. It's enough to almost make me look forward to the routine. Almost.

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