05 July 2011

Department Charente

AFTER A RELATIVELY peaceful 12 hour drive, we arrived in the Poitou-Charentes region on Saturday evening and have begun to settle in to our home for the summer. We are in the Department Charente but are very near the border of the Deux-Sevres. We've only begun to explore the region, but for now we're just enjoying the house (a converted animal barn with massive stone walls), the weather (perfect), the yard (including the basketball hoop), the English satellite tv (Food Network!), and the rolling hills full of either vineyards, sunflowers or giant rolls of hay.

It's going to be a particularly busy summer for me (more later), but my first day on "the job" was productive so I'm off to a good start. This morning I've been sitting by the phone waiting to hear about the bac results at the CIV. Initial reports are fairly good.

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