31 July 2011

The Atlantic!

AS U.S. EAST-COASTERS, our main ocean playground was always the Atlantic (usually Myrtle Beach, SC). Now we go to the 'sea', not the 'ocean' because we live so close to the Mediterranean. But yesterday we got to experience the Atlantic once again -- this time on the other side, in La Rochelle, France. We didn't swim because we spent the day looking around the city and its gorgeous port. But we'll be back for a day in the ocean soon.

Here's the old port in La Rochelle with two of the three large towers that have guarded the city since the 1300's. The tower not in the photo is just off to the left and is the only surviving lighthouse from the medieval period in all of Europe.

[Fun note: 4 weeks ago a round of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series were held in La Rochelle. The divers dove off...you guessed it...the large tower on the right. A small platform was erected on the top and divers plunged to the water below. Take a look at this great promo clip:]

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